ARTIST FEATURE / Beeswax and cashmere by Ovo things

Vida, Guoda and Justė. Above photo: Courtesy of OVO things.

Vida, Guoda and Justė. Above photo: Courtesy of OVO things.

Cotton, cashmere, linen, and beeswax - every item carrying the OVO Things label is made using the finest natural materials. They care for the uncomplicated, seeking the simplest terms for beauty. Like that of the eggshell - the delicate case regulating the atmosphere inside the egg, making it a pleasant environment yet robust enough to shelter life. Maybe it's from this tangible, original interaction between functionality and aesthetics that the idea for their brand name sprung - OVO, the Latin name for egg.

Having teamed up with skilled local manufacturers and tailors, they design and produce in limited amounts. Nothing is added to their collection haphazardly; allowing the process to take time in order to ensure the highest quality possible - the ideology that inspired these three women to start creating in the first place.

Taking the leap

“Vida was the one who pushed us to start as she already had experience of working on her own as a fashion designer for many years. Guoda and I were colleagues in a public relations agency, and later we had our first newborns at a very similar time. We both appeared to look for an alternative pace and model of career” Justė says.

“The three of us shared a similar understanding of clothing and things for the home and decided to create a collection of well-made items, made from natural materials and timeless in the sense of being long-lasting and fashion-less, or classic. The philosophy of having less but better is essential to us; this is the way we see a possibility to be sustainable. Although it's a term that is largely overused as a marketing slogan these days”.

Building the brand - What did the first year of OVO look like?

“During our first year, we mainly kept looking for manufacturers who could make the things we had in mind. We visited them while working on product design and production issues, not even having an established company yet. We visited many producers, both big factories and small makers of linen textile, sewing, and knitting factories. Also, we found our beeswax candle makers who are the same still today. So we focused on designing and producing things the way we wanted, which wasn't easy at all, mostly because of small quantities and high-quality standards - but we persisted”.

100 % Natural beeswax

The characteristic slim OVO candles are produced in a small factory, by the hands of people who really know their craft. The beeswax comes from local farmers and undergo no chemical processing. No artificial color or scent is added. Wooden oak candle holders and little handmade ceramics have been especially adapted to hold these golden sticks, although it’s also perfectly simple to attach the candles to any fireproof surface as well. The scent is divine and lighting them brings an instant sense of tranquility. They add a ceremonial feel to any birthday and bring warmth come chilly autumn evenings.


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